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Preparing for Israel and Greece

Remember when I shared my big news about our family getting an opportunity to travel to the Holy Land this fall? We are sooooo excited! I resolved to do some studying on ancient Greece and Israel this summer with the … Continue reading

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This-and-That (Alternately Titled: An Underachiever’s Post)

  Photo Credit: Alex{G} This week, I’m spending my days (quite literally: eight hours daily) in a live, online class in preparation for my new job. It’s invigorating. Seriously! Debating free will versus predestination, comparing Hammurabi’s Code with Old Testament … Continue reading

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Sunday Smorgasbord

Have you heard Shaun Groves’ new album (do we still call them that?) Third World Symphony? Oh, you should. You really should. You can here all the new tunes HERE or pre-order the CD for only $10. I’m trying to … Continue reading

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Advice for Ministry Newbies

Photo Credit: Qfamily This week, my little sister and her husband are packing up their house and moving. My brother-in-law feels called to the ministry, so he has enrolled in seminary and has taken his first ministry job as a … Continue reading

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Lessons in Satire

Sometimes the truth hurts…even if it’s funny. 🙂

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Sunday Smorgasbord

A Smorgasbord of Links From Around the Web I just read a very interesting article regarding graduates. While I don’t necessarily agree with the author’s opinion that today’s college graduates are “most supervised generation in American history,” but I do … Continue reading

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Samson vs. David: Who Do You Want to Be?

If Sampson were to go head-to-head with David, who do you think would come out as winner?   Duh! Sampson was this big ol’ burley male with super-strength and incredible hair to boot. Sure, David had guts, but he was still kind of … Continue reading

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The Answer

Sometimes, I think people have an idea that we (as a pastor’s family) have a direct line to God. Photo Credit: nicolasnova We don’t. There is no red phone connected directly to the heavenly switchboard. I guess that’s a good … Continue reading

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Sunday Smorgasbord

Are you a Compassion sponsor? Want to get your kids more involved? You can preview a FREE subscription to Compassion Explorer magazine. The magazine is geared for ages 6-9 and is mailed as an insert in the Compassion magazine. Call (800) 336-7676. … Continue reading

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All’s Quiet on the Homefront

  Can you hear it? Photo Credit: Kristine Paulus Surely you can hear it: the sweet yet slightly annoying sound of crickets taking over my quiet blog. One of my mama’s favorite sayings is, “If you don’t have anything nice … Continue reading

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