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If I had mailed you a Christmas card… {2010-in-Review}

Usually my Christmas cards include a photo collage and a year-in-review of some sort. Though I made my family throw on some matching clothes and take a quick very uncreative family photo in our very unglamorous backyard one evening as soon … Continue reading

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More Motivation to Join the 90 Day Challenge

Maybe you fear failure (check!). Maybe you don’t want to make another commitment (check! check!). Maybe you’re just hard-headed (check! check! check!). Whatever you’re reason for not signing up to read the Bible in 90 days with me, here’s a … Continue reading

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Read the Bible in 90 Days (You Know You Wanna)

In less than a week I will start reading through the Bible in 90 days along with at least 400 other folks at Mom’s Toolbox. Come ooooonnnnn…join me! Can you feel the peer pressure? Is it working yet? I’m all … Continue reading

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The Best Gifts Are Free

Here it is…the mandatory post-Christmas wrap-up post. 🙂 For those that were wondering, we DID have a quiet Christmas! We did absolutely nothing except eat, sleep and eat some more. Although the barn raising did not go as planned… Gingerbread … Continue reading

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I’m Dreaming of a QUIET Christmas…

A quiet Christmas filled with domino games… …where the appropriate attire is pajamas… …where breakfast is made by someone other than myself… …where (gingerbread) barns are raised… …where an untraditional lunch includes recipes from old friends… …and where and old, familiar … Continue reading

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Christmas Traditions

We have several Christmas traditions in our family. My mother always gave us a new ornament representative of a milestone that was reached during the year, a new hobby that was taken up or a dream that was expressed. When … Continue reading

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Oh, Happyness!

Saturday, we walked out to the mailbox and ripped open a letter, followed shortly by several excited squeals when we saw this signature…. Yes! We recieved our first long-awaited letter from our Compassion child, Happyness in Tanzania! We learned several … Continue reading

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Sunday Smorgasbord

Since I’ve been busy hosting our family Christmas celebration this weekend, I thought we’d shake up Sunday Smorgasbord a bit by just sharing some of my favorite Christmas hymns and songs. How about…. Silent Night as sung by Sixpence None … Continue reading

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“I am going to tell you about the Christmas story.”

I asked each of my girls to write a letter or draw a picture to send to our Compassion kids when I was putting together our package for the month. Both girls asked Happyness questions like “Who are your friends?” “Do … Continue reading

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Trying to be Like Jesus (When You Really Want to Ram a Shopping Cart Into the Wall)

Yesterday I ventured into The-Department-Store-That-Is-Not-Target (you know the one). Generally, I like to avoid said department store, but I especially like to avoid it during November 26-December 31. Yesterday, I remembered why. a little light shopping by iboy_daniel . Shared under a Creative … Continue reading

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