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Temporary Tent Dwellers

Photo Credit   “We come from God and we go to God, and in between, we live in tents.” ~Joachim Jeremias   Life is short: how are you spending your tent dwelling days? Advertisements

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Chances are, you did the whole parade-watching, watermelon-eating, fireworking 4th of July routine this week. Unless, of course, you live in Texas or Oklahoma where it’s so dry things might start self-combusting soon. In that case, just replace fireworks with homemade … Continue reading

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All’s Quiet on the Homefront

  Can you hear it? Photo Credit: Kristine Paulus Surely you can hear it: the sweet yet slightly annoying sound of crickets taking over my quiet blog. One of my mama’s favorite sayings is, “If you don’t have anything nice … Continue reading

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Should I Be Sad That Osama Bin Laden is Dead?

Last night, sometime between cleaning up after my sick daughter (Fun!) and going to bed, I meandered over to Twitter where I heard the latest breaking news: Osama Bin Laden was dead by the hands of American military forces. I immediately flipped … Continue reading

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Intentionally Intentional Successes and Fails

Remember when 2011 was fresh and new? Everyone was picking out a word for the year? The one I chose was INTENTIONAL. Unlike New Year’s resolutions, I haven’t forgotten about my word. Whenever the Spirit nudges me to do something and I think I … Continue reading

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So, This Is What It Feels Like To Be 34

Birthday Cake by  Will Clayton.  Shared under a Creative Commons License. Today, I am officially 34 years old. There. I said it. My age is now floating around the interwebs. Not that I am ashamed or distressed about turning 34. It actually feels … Continue reading

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