Samson vs. David: Who Do You Want to Be?

If Sampson were to go head-to-head with David, who do you think would come out as winner?


Duh! Sampson was this big ol’ burley male with super-strength and incredible hair to boot. Sure, David had guts, but he was still kind of puny and, let’s face it, a bit emotional.

Last night, we ran into an old acquaintance who was on his way to a Samson Society meeting.  While explaining the purpose of the group, he reminded us that of the two guys, Sampson ended up with an empty life and died alone. He chased women, but never had a meaningful relationship with any of them. He could have done many great things for God, but he let sin get in the way.

Consider the flip-side of that coin: David certainly had a thing for beautiful (or at least naked) women just like Samson (and almost every male that has walked this earth). The difference between David and Samson? David had Nathan, a good friend who wasn’t afraid to call him out when he’d fallen into sin. David repented, and you know the rest of the story (as Paul Harvey would have said): even though he was flawed, he left a legacy of faith and commitment that still endures to this day. He had a fulfilling life, he was continually used by God and he didn’t die alone–the complete opposite of  Samson.

Never underestimate the power of a Christian friend with whom you can be completely transparent.

Do you have a Nathan in your life? Do you feel comfortable calling out your close friends when you see them dabbling in destructive sin?

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4 Responses to Samson vs. David: Who Do You Want to Be?

  1. JD in Canada says:

    Love this post…. yes, I have several Nathans, and they’re crucial in my life. Many of them belong to my Women’s Bible Study group that I attend on Sunday evenings — my Jesus Girls!!

  2. Jessica says:

    Have so many issues with Samson. That guy was … something else. 🙂

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