Preparing for Israel and Greece

Remember when I shared my big news about our family getting an opportunity to travel to the Holy Land this fall? We are sooooo excited!

I resolved to do some studying on ancient Greece and Israel this summer with the girls (we are also going to Turkey, but just to visit the ruins of Ephesus). Thinking that homeschoolers or school teachers might have created some unit studies, I begged asked for ideas on Twitter.

That was a fail.

So, I headed to our local library and checked out a pile of books. Meanwhile, The Eldest and The Youngest printed off pictures from the Holy Land and covered old notebooks with a collage. We haven’t done any hard-core studies, but whenever we get some free time, the girls read/browse through my pile of books. I usually ask them to find at least five things that they think are interesting , and write them in their notebooks. I just want them to have at least a little more background information before we go.

I’ve found some really interesting books–books that would be helpful for kids, Sunday school teachers…people of any age who wants a better understanding of the history and cultures of ancient peoples in Israel and Greece.

My favorites….

Growing Up in Bible Times: Families at Work and at Play by Margaret Embry

Amazing Bible Factbook by The American Bible Society

The Parthenon by Peter Chrisp

Everyday Life in Bible Times: Work, Worship and War by Margaret Embry

Life in Ancient Greece by Lynn Peppas

Ancient Greece by Tim Loverance (This one has cool see-through pages so you can visualize the inner and outer architecture of buildings)

We have also watched videos, though The Eldest has been more interested in video than The Youngest so far. It is kind of hard to find things on a nine-year-old level. Netflix has become our best friend. We’ve watched:

Rick Steves: Eastern Europe, Israel and Egypt–A little dated, but it briefly covered several sites that we will be visiting

Rick Steves: Greece and Turkey 2000-2009–Much better than the Israel dvd, this one had a lot of good historical and cultural information.

National Geographic: Secrets of Jerusalem’s Holiest Sites–This includes good discussion about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (the history and current living conditions) and archeological finds.

PBS’s Greeks: The Crucible of Civilization–This was FANTASTIC! See for yourself… 

Got any more recommendations for our study? This is me, still begging asking nicely for ideas! 🙂

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  1. Jessica says:

    You guys are so luckEYYYY.

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