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The Answer

Sometimes, I think people have an idea that we (as a pastor’s family) have a direct line to God. Photo Credit: nicolasnova We don’t. There is no red phone connected directly to the heavenly switchboard. I guess that’s a good … Continue reading

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“Please hold…” (Waiting on God)

Photo Credit: Thunderchild7 Is there anything more annoying than being on hold? Maybe listening to someone chew with their mouth open, but other than that, nothing comes to mind. For a person who feels the need to be constantly on-the-go … Continue reading

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Praying Scripture for Your Children

Earlier this week, Kelli wrote about how she gets up early and prays scripture for her children. Consider me inspired…well, all except the “getting up early” part. šŸ˜‰ Later that evening as I was reading my daily Bible reading, I … Continue reading

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A Special Delivery (Twelve Years Later)

Twelve years ago, we got a special delivery. A baby. Not long afterwards, we participated in a baby dedication service. In case you’re not familiar, they are special services held by churches where new (or new-ish) babies are brought before … Continue reading

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Prayers Wanted {Love on a Missionary Week}

Hopefully, you’ve been around this week to meet Josh & Lisa Arrington, my dear friends who are currently serving as missionaries and church planters in a corner of Canada. Unreached people groups inĀ Canada? Yep, kinda.Ā Pitt Meadows is a town of … Continue reading

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