Sunday Smorgasbord

Have you heard Shaun Groves’ new album (do we still call them that?) Third World Symphony? Oh, you should. You really should. You can here all the new tunes HERE or pre-order the CD for only $10.

I’m trying to do battle with my desire for cola but it is so hard. Here’s some motivation: find out what happens to your body after you drink soda every day for a long time.

Motherhood as a mission field? You betcha.

My bloggy friend, Michelle, introduced me to an awesome resource: The Good News coloring book. What makes it so great? It’s downloadable, it’s written in several languages and it’s FREE! Download one for your kiddos or, better yet, your Compassion kid!

Speaking of Compassion, have you seen their newly redesigned website?

Do you guys remember my friend Katie who guest-posted (Pizza and Love Should be Cheeeeesey) recently? She went to Israel and she blogged about it. Check out her blog Harpatka’ah which–surprise!–means “adventure” in Hebrew. She’s good for a few chuckles, and you’ll probably also develop a craving for chicken and dumplings.

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2 Responses to Sunday Smorgasbord

  1. Shaun Groves says:

    Thanks, Megan! And, yes, we DO still call them albums. ; )

  2. Yes, spread the word about the coloring book! What an awesome resource! 😀

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