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As Overheard in the Bathroom…

Photo Credit There’s quite a few conversations I never expected to hear my children discussing: “Are there any new chores we can do this week? “Hey! Let’s go to bed at 7 p.m. tonight!” “Didn’t you think those Brussel sprouts … Continue reading

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Taking the “Labor” Out of Labor Day

Yes, I’m still alive. To prove it, I thought I’d drop by Ye Olde Blog, sweep away the cobwebs and update you on this crazy life of mine. I’ll try to keep it short, though, because my goal is to … Continue reading

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Summer is….

      and MORE ice cream! But mostly, my friends, summer is OVER. 😦   Please be patient with my lack of blogging. Life is extremely hectic as I started my new teaching job this week (which I’m super-psyched … Continue reading

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Random Mom Question…

Photo Credit I don’t want to become one of those moms. You know the type: the kind that micromanage their kids’ schedules and make them be involved in every activity under the moon? I do want my kids to pursue their … Continue reading

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Walking Where Jesus Walked (And Paul, Too!)

I’ve got some super-big, fantabulous news to share. Drum-roll, please…. This fall, I will be going here: Photo Credit: Geographic Guide ISRAEL! I’ll be walking where Jesus walked! SO.COOL. Places like the Sea of Galilee, Bethlehem, Garden of Gethsemane,  Pool … Continue reading

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Turning in My Mom Card

Photo Credit: _Fidelio_ Weeks like this make me want to turn in my resignation from the whole parenting gig. When I realize that cleaning up vomit is not my strong suit, when I can’t figure out how to comfort a distressed kid, when I … Continue reading

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A Special Delivery (Twelve Years Later)

Twelve years ago, we got a special delivery. A baby. Not long afterwards, we participated in a baby dedication service. In case you’re not familiar, they are special services held by churches where new (or new-ish) babies are brought before … Continue reading

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On Deja Vu and Being a “Greenbean”

Photo Credit: orchidgalore Lately, I’ve been experiencing a lot of deja vu. I’ll be in the kitchen, putting clean cups into the cabinets and the sunshine will hit my face just right, or I’ll be cleaning and the smell of Windex … Continue reading

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Why I Won’t Win an Award for “Christian Parent of the Year”

Trophy by Greencolander.  Shared under a Creative Commons License. When Jon Acuff recently blogged about how he sometimes feels like he is completely bombing his children’s spiritual upbringing, I could totally relate. We don’t do family devotionals. My kids don’t illustrate the Psalms … Continue reading

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The Most Important Piece of Furniture in my Home

The most important piece of furniture in my home is my dining room table. This occurred to me at midnight on Tuesday as I sat around the worn tabletop with my husband and a couple of old friends. We were rehashing adventures … Continue reading

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