The Best Gifts Are Free

Here it is…the mandatory post-Christmas wrap-up post. 🙂

For those that were wondering, we DID have a quiet Christmas! We did absolutely nothing except eat, sleep and eat some more. Although the barn raising did not go as planned…

Gingerbread barn FAIL. We usually do this with my mom. Gingerbread architecture is obviously not my gift.

One of my favorite parts of this Christmas was the gifts that my girls gave me. I told them not to buy me anything because I really didn’t need a thing. I encouraged them to make something if they had to give me a gift, though I told them I would be happy with nothing at all.

I loved seeing what creative gifts they came up with.

As soon as I discussed my gift policy, The Youngest locked herself in her room and began working diligently on her gift. I even got yelled at when I unknowingly walked in. It was serious business!  She came up with a one part homemade, one part gathered-from-her-stuff gift. It included…

A balloon (upper right) and bracelet (lower right) made out of Bendy Sticks, a chick notepad and sticky notes in my initials, two extra large paperclips and her favorite weenie-dog bookmark. 🙂

The Eldest warned me that her gift could not be wrapped. It turned out to be this…

A hug! I’ll take a hug anyday of the week.

So it turns out that the best gifts really ARE free.

However, I must mention that the gift The Husband gave me was so nice and totally unexpected. He got lots of hubby bonus points–not for the price of the gift, but for the thoughtfulness behind it. He had to do some serious investigation and observation to figure out that it was something I would love. Kudos to The Husband…though I would have settled for a hug from him as well.  😉
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2 Responses to The Best Gifts Are Free

  1. Amy says:

    Well? What was the hubby gift?

    I love hugs as gifts. I will take those any day!

  2. Megan says:

    He got me a point-and-shoot camera that I had been thinking about for like two years. I have a DSL camera from my photography business days, but it’s a pain to haul around and I end up not taking pics of my family because of it. It’s definitely something I didn’t *need,* but it will definitely get used.

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