A Photo Collage for our Compassion Kid

You may recall that I struggled writing the first letter to our Compassion child, Happyness. This time, it was much easier and I finally got to include everything that I wanted to send in the first letter…including a photo collage!

I thought it would be a good way to 1)  put a face with a name 2) serve as a quick “get-to-know-us” since we added our ages, jobs and favorite activities.

If you are handy with Photoshop, it’s really quite simple to make. I’m sure you could also make something similar in Word. I like using Photoshop because I can save it as a PSD file then make changes as needed for the future when ages and activities and photos are sure to need changing.

I printed this as an 8×10 for Happyness. I also printed smaller versions (4×6) and changed “We love you, Happyness!” to “Jesus Loves You!” I’ve used some of the small prints for our Operation Christmas Child boxes.

What kind of fun things have you included in your letters or shoe boxes?

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4 Responses to A Photo Collage for our Compassion Kid

  1. The collage with info right on it is a GREAT idea! We’ve sent photo collages from Walgreens, but they just had a simple title on them. Soon, I hope to buy some boxes I saw at a craft store, for packaging candies. They are flat, but you can pop them into a box shape. I am pretty sure they would go through. Anyway, I plan to decorate them and see if they will pass the mailing requirements.

  2. Megan says:

    Collapsible boxes are a great idea. I bet there will be some fun pre-printed ones out during the holiday season. I’ll keep an eye out…especially during the after-Christmas sales! 😉

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