My Mailbox Runneth Over

For months and months, my mailbox looked like this:

(Disclaimer: Not my actual mailbox) Photo Credit

Well, not exactly. It has had plenty of bills and junk mail to fill it, but not one letter from my little Compassion friends.

I’ll admit: I was getting pretty bitter about it. I was starting to understand why so many people dropped sponsorships or didn’t keep up with letter writing. After all, communication is a two-way street; it’s hard to feel connected if you don’t have some….well, connection to the other person.

Then one day among all my junk mail, I spied one of those happy envelopes marked “Message From Your Sponsored Child.” Squeee! And not long after that, two more  happy envelopes. My mailbox runneth over! 🙂

I actually received two letters from my sweet Peruvian boy, José. One was written in March and another in May. Even though I knew going in that correspondence is sometimes slow due to translation times, snail mail issues and the rural locations of some of the centers, it’s still hard to imagine a single letter taking four months to travel. Never fear–my impatient American-ness has now been cured. (Quit laughing…it could be.)

I feel like I learned a lot about my little amigo through these recent letters. For the first time, he was able to let me know that he had received specific items and answered specific questions that we had asked:

  • He is learning numbers in Math (I assume this is his answer to “What is your favorite thing to learn in school?”)
  • Blue is his favorite color (Mine, too!)
  • He has two siblings, a 3-year-old sister and an 8-year-old brother
  • I send the same introductory letter to all of my kids which includes lyrics from “Jesus Loves Me.” He said “I don’t know the song, but I like the lyrics.” Awwww…..
  • He said The Eldest’s origami was very pretty and that he will ask his father to make one. This is good news, because he once wrote asking for us to pray for his parents’ reconciliation. They may not be reconciled, but it’s good news that his father still has some kind of presence in his life.
  • He said that he purchased three Transformers with his Christmas gift. He is definitely ALL BOY.
  • He asked that we send photos. I think I have already done so (I send a photo collage with the first or second letter), but they say that photos are treasured by Compassion kids.
  • In both letters he asked if we have beaches in our country. Why, yes we do…and our family visits one every summer! I can definitely feel a themed letter coming on, complete with photos!
  • He says he loves me so much and always prays for me. *swoon*
  • One letter came with a hug, the other with a kiss!
  • As usual, my budding little artist included drawings….

These are from his “castle period.” 🙂

Come back later this week to hear about what Happyness bought with her family gift!



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5 Responses to My Mailbox Runneth Over

  1. Jessica says:

    Like. 🙂

    I got a letter from Shila in India this week. She said she put pictures that we sent her in her house to showcase it because it was very nice. Be still my heart!

  2. Amy says:

    My mailbox is relatively quiet. Yesterday I got no mail. Today was worse… I got junk mail. LOL.

    I did get a letter from Yuri on Saturday. Saturday seems to be the day my letter come. She was thanking me for the gift I sent her. This is the 3rd one. I sent her a birthday gift (December) and a Christmas gift (December). But when I sent the Christmas gift, I didn’t send it to the Christmas fund like I should have, but directly to my kids. So they got the Christmas gift from ME, and then a Christmas gift from the pooled funds. So she got 3 in one months time.

  3. Jill Foley says:

    My mailbox was very quiet during the month of June….then at the end of July I got 7 letters!!!

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