The Most Important Piece of Furniture in my Home

The most important piece of furniture in my home is my dining room table.

This occurred to me at midnight on Tuesday as I sat around the worn tabletop with my husband and a couple of old friends. We were rehashing adventures together from days past and retelling stories that never seem to get old.  My husband was laughing like a school girl, all squint-eyed and chuckle-bellied. During that moment, I stopped to consider what happens at our table….

Family dinners





Airing of grievances

Tea Parties

Tax prep


Dominoes and board games


Today, I’m thankful that a little wooden table that has scratches and dings with blobs of paint and sometimes leftover crumbs in its seams.   Even though it’s the ugliest piece of furniture I own, it just might be the most valueable.

What’s your most important piece of furniture/togetherness spot?

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8 Responses to The Most Important Piece of Furniture in my Home

  1. Amy says:

    Cool! I wrote about my dining table once too. It’s not on my blog anymore, because it seemed like the piece that attracted the most spammers. Not sure why!

  2. Jessica says:

    Our dining table/room is not used often because it’s awkwardly squashed into a tiny place right now that just doesn’t flow with everything else. I don’t know if we DO have a precious piece of furniture. :/

  3. Amy says:

    I have two favorite pieces of furniture. They are both pictured on my Christmas Day blog. One is a china hutch that my grandpa made for me and my parents “restored”. Another is a gift from my dad, a trunk that he made out of scrap wood.

  4. Kimberly says:

    Beautiful post. We often spend time at our counter, sitting on the tall chairs, chatting away while we wait for our meals to be ready.

  5. We have similar tables, right down to the paint splats and crumbs in the seams! I love this perspective you’ve shared!

    (As a completely unrelated side note, I do wish you’d join Facebook! We have a private group on there for Christian “sisters” and I shared an answered prayer on there that I can’t delve into on my blog right now.)

  6. jtousey says:

    Oh, mine is the dining room table too, for all the reasons you listed. I was noticing the other day how worn out parts of it are beginning to look, and that makes me love it even more. I also have an ice cream parlor chair that my late father made for me when I was a little girl. I know he wouldn’t mind that I have painted it a dozen times!

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