Sunday Smorgasbord



Are you getting ready for back-to-school? Even if you’re just a bookworm like me, check out DealOz which searches the internet and compares book prices (they also search movies, video games, etc.).  Sometimes, I’ve found the prices can be a little off when I actually go to the vendor’s website, but they are generally accurate (or very close).

My baby sister’s got the blogging bug! Check her out at Faithfully Frugal in KC.

I’ve mentioned that Shaun Groves is releasing a great new album, but he just announced this week that his family has unexpectedly received a little blessing from heaven–a little boy from another country who needed immediate placement in a home (they had begun the process of adopting from Ethiopia, but God had other plans). So, the music alone is great enough to merit purchase, maybe the opportunity to help fund the Groves adoption is exactly the extra push you need to click on the link and pre-order the album! 😉 (Hear the music HERE)

Did you see the article about the father-son combo who witnessed the first and last space shuttle launch, even recreating a 30-year-old photo? It blessed my little astronaut wannabe heart.

Special thanks to Kimberly who shared a link to last week where I found a delicious and kid-friendly recipe for mini cheesecakes. Yum! I’d also like to try making cheesy zucchini bread.

My kids aren’t on Facebook, but I anticipate that they will be someday. Here’s a great article: How to Keep Your Kids Safe on Facebook.

My daughter has a Knifty Knitter which allows knitting-impaired people like myself to create something wearable. What’s better than that, you ask? Why, free Knifty Knitter patterns, of course!

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2 Responses to Sunday Smorgasbord

  1. Love the space shuttle picture. It was always my dream to see a live launch. I was so sad when the last one lifted off. I never got to fulfill that dream.

    Oh, and that bento box site makes me crazy. I can hardly gets my eyes open to slap 2 pieces of bread with PB&J in the mornings. How do these people find time to make it cute? 🙂

    • Megan says:

      I know what you mean on Bento…I’d probably spend all that time trying to make something cute only to find that my kids wouldn’t eat it anyway. Grrrr…. You have a lot of experience in the lunch making department—care to share any good ideas? i’m currently trying to make a list of meals that can be packed easily (by my children, not me). The only thing on the list right now: PBJ, of course! 😉

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