Sunday Smorgasbord

I didn’t understand the hoopla about Nutella until I recently tried it for myself. In a word: YUM. My friend highly recommends this recipe for Nutella cookies from Erin’s Food Files.

Like t-shirts? Proceeds from ResQrags (say the name out loud; it will make sense) shirts goes to help Compassion International in their mission to combat global poverty.

I read this interesting article called “The Danger of Moralistic Parenting.” Thoughts, anyone?

Some of my favorite blog posts from this week’s Compassion blogger trip: The Power of a Letter (wherein we learned that only 7,000 out of 57,000 sponsored Filipino children receive letters),  Do You Feel Guilty? Don’t. (wherein we learned that we don’t have to feel pity for Compassion-sponsored children b/c they don’t pity themselves), and The Power of Being Known.

I love bagels, but have never even cotemplated making them myself. This bread machine bagel recipe from Clover Lane makes it look easy!

A J Crew inspired threaded necklace with rosette that only takes 15 minutes and would look super cute with a summer tank or t-shirt? Yes, please!

As usual, share your link finds in the comments! 🙂

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6 Responses to Sunday Smorgasbord

  1. Amy says:

    When I bought my domain, blogger wiped out my blog roll. Now I remember whose site was missing! 🙂

  2. I can’t have Nutella in the house. Seriously. I’ve gotten it twice and each time I really devoured the entire jar in a day’s time. Whoa.

  3. Jessica says:

    When I buy the (generic brand, on sale) nutella, Ten Year old eats peanut butter and nutella sandwiches exclusively for lunch until it’s gone. 🙂

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