Sunday Smorgasbord (Summer Edition!)

You might have noticed that I’ve been a little slack on the whole blogging thing this week. Since it was the last week of school, our schedules were jam-packed already, but as soon as the last bell rang, we loaded up the car and officially began soaking up summer with the fam. But enough about my blogging excuses…kick back and enjoy a few summer-related links.

Yay, summer!!!

Nothing says summer like flip-flops. My sister found this cute tutorial for storing flip-flops .

Do you spend a lot of time trapped in a car with whiney young children during the summer months? Why not try making a DIY I-Spy book? Hey…it might even keep the whiney adults in your car occupied, too!

Frozen strawberry lemonade, anyone? Yes, please! It’s already over 100 degrees in Texas!

If you are Super Mom, you might want to try out some of the 60 summer activities for kids suggested by Martha (yes, THAT Martha). If you’re Regular Mom, like me, you might prefer the list of 80+ inexpensive and practical summer activities from Crystal and Company

Don’t forget sunscreen when you’re out and about! Here’s a list of the top sunscreens (spoiler: Target brand beats the expensive stuff),

Just add water: check out this list of the soggiest water games from Family Fun.

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One Response to Sunday Smorgasbord (Summer Edition!)

  1. Crystal & Co says:

    Thanks so much for sharing my summer kids list with your readers! You rock!

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