Pizza and Love should be Cheeeeesy

Today’s guest post is brought to you by the lovely Katie Bice. Katie is a university student who loves Jesus and, apparently, pizza and ice cream. Soon she will be wandering around the ancient ruins of Israel and fulfilling her dream of riding a camel. You can follow her adventures at her blog, Harpatka’ah.

Last night, I had the pleasure to join some lovely ladies at my friend Amy’s house. We made homemade pizza (cooking tip- use mozzarella sticks to stuff your crust. yum!) and watched Tangled. It is so good to be surrounded by women who love the Lord and splash it all over you. As we were watching our movie, I made the observation that the king in Tangled has some terrific kingly facial hair. This was considerably less profound than Amy’s observation that he was a lot like God.

Photo Credit: mccun934

Let me explain. If you haven’t seen Tangled, I highly recommend it. Rapunzel, the baby princess with magical hair, is kidnapped. The king and queen search in vain but can’t give up completely. Every year on Rapunzel’s birthday, the whole city sends up thousands of floating lanterns in hopes that wherever the princess may be, she will find her way home. If you can’t bear the cheesiness thus far, there is a delightful little lizard to laugh at in between.

Meanwhile, Rapunzel lives locked away in a tower. Deceived by a nasty old hag, she is pretty much stuck. She has only one thing to look forward to: the lights on her birthday. Essentially, the great and glorious goal is to find out what the mysterious lights in the sky are, and so begins the epic computer-generated adventure la la la.

How is the king like God? Desperation. You, my friend, are a  princess (or prince, or maybe even a frog). When you believe the lies that keep you locked up, it breaks God’s heart. He longs for you and anxiously seeks to be reunited with you. Every day and every night he lights up the sky for you. He does it because he knows that in your heart you know who you are. You know you don’t belong in that tower. You belong in the palace with the king.

Stay there with the ugly hag if you want. If not, Jesus Christ came to get you down. Ask him. Then have pizza and ice cream. MMMmmm salvation 🙂

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3 Responses to Pizza and Love should be Cheeeeesy

  1. This is the first time visiting your blog and wow I really like it. In reading this blog you pulled at my heart, I teach on knowing who you are in Christ and am currently writing a study on the subject. I love to watch as woman young or old realize who they are and just how much God loves them. Thanks

  2. Kelli says:

    This was a great post! Love it! What’s not to love about a Disney movie, pizza, ice cream and God, though, right?!

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