Sunday Smorgasbord


Summer is almost here! I’m hoping to put together an “anti-boredom kit” or an “activity box” of some kind for the girls. It’s not that they don’t have plenty of things that they can do, but sometimes they need suggestions to get started. You can find ideas HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE (which includes several more links).

By the way, did you know kids can bowl for free this summer? Check out this website to see if there are any programs in your area.

Here are some last-minute ideas for graduation gifts.

If you live with a strong-willed child, you might want to check out this Focus on the Family podcast. It’s got some great ideas–the speaker is a former strong-willed child!

Evidentially, I’ve been doing exercise all wrong. Did you know that you should start with weight training before cardio? I didn’t…but it’s all explained in this article.

If you’re planning to travel overseas with babies or kiddos, Small Notebook has a great article on how she did it (and in a minimalist way).

I’m breaking out practicality with this article: The Best and Worst Laundry & Cleaning Products compliments of Consumer Reports.

Let’s end on a funny note, shall we? Proofreading Your Way Through Worship–a guest post on Stuff Christians Like–made me laugh so much. Been there, done that!

I’m still looking for a few good links. Share your favorite finds of the week in the comments!

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