31 Days to Clean Challenge: Week One

Homemakers Challenge - 31 Days to Clean

This week has been a doosey. Let’s just say that someone in my household has been sick every day this week, and today it’s my turn! Lucky for you, that will cause me to keep this short and sweet.

I have enjoyed this week’s Mary/Martha challenges from 31 Days to Clean. Here’s some of the things I accomplished:

I considered my motivation for managing my home well and I wrote a mission statement. Actually, I just threw a bunch of words together to help me remember my goal, but my mission statement would have been something like this: “When my home is in order, my mind is at peace and allows me to be more fully present in the lives of those I love.”

My refrigerator is sparkly clean. I discovered that I had one-month-old buttercream frosting hiding in the back.

I was reminded that hospitality is not so much about cleanliness and friendliness. My mom likes to remind me that people don’t remember how clean your house was, but how welcome they felt.

I learned that The Youngest feels most loved when there is a meal on the dinner table each evening. No big surprise–I think food is her love language. 🙂

I started thinking about my priorities and real, measurable ways that I can make sure to keep God first, family second, and my own pursuits last. Sometimes, I get them all mixed up.

I haven’t completed today’s Martha challenge (I’ve pretty much been in bed all day trying to coerce the evil sick germs to leave my body), but I did start Monday’s Martha challenge yesterday because I have a busy week ahead.

By the way, you can download a 31 Days to Clean Martha calendar HERE. Just remember: we are doing five per week instead of seven during the Homemaker’s Challenge.

So, what did you get out of the Challenge this week?

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4 Responses to 31 Days to Clean Challenge: Week One

  1. Your one month old buttercream is nothin’! I can’t believe I’m saying this (hope my mom isn’t reading), but I have a quart of eggnog in the back of the fridge. Remember the last time they sold eggnog? Ya. Garbage day is Tues and I keep meaning to freeze the carton of eggnog and then plunk it in the trash can right before the garbage comes. I just keep forgetting. My fear is that the animals will get into it if I put it in a bag outside. Oh, it’s just gross. It’s my terrible secret I’m trying to keep hidden behind the salsa and ketchup.

    I hope you feel better! Happy Friday.

  2. A. C. Baker says:

    Just saw your comment on another site (The Seeking Pastor) and couldn’t help but check yours out – because of the “mustard.”

    I don’t know much about a cleaning challenge, but I know that I have been challenged by my wife. Starting in just a few days, when school is out, I will no longer be driving a school bus as my second job (my first is the church). In order for things to go smoothly, in order for my wife to find sanity and our family to live in peace, joy, and happiness, I will be in charge of the house – for the most part. THAT is going to be a challenge.


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