Sunday Smorgasbord

My interweb pal, Amy (a.k.a. Queen of the D Family) shares some good tips on her post: Saving Time, Money and Sanity. She’s pretty funny, too. You might want to hang around for some good laughs and great insight on everything from parenthood to faith to woodworking. Yes, woodworking! The girl knows how to use a saw, for crying out loud! 

Check out tips on frugal gardening at Smockity Frocks. If you’re not big on DIY but still want garden-fresh produce, you might want to check out Local Harvest, a site that will help you locate a CSA in your area. CSA stands for “community supported agriculture” which basically means that you can purchase a “share” of a farm and pick up weekly baskets of goodies instead of getting imports at the grocery store. Some CSA’s even allow you to pay for your share in sweat equity. Awesome!

Time-Warp Wife is a blog that focuses on a return to Biblical womanhood. I’ve heard that phrase tossed around a lot lately…what do you think about it?

Need meal planning help? Find some good, cheap eats over at (surprise!) Good Cheap Eats!

Laugh of the week provided by another bloggity friend, Jessica, for her confessional: Epic Mom Fail: How I Ruined Easter. It’s complete with a gooey Jesus and hilarious family snapshots!

I don’t homeschool, but I like these tips for once-a-month cleaning from Simple Homeschool.

My newest blog find of the week: Overcoming Busy. I think the title says it all.  🙂

Don’t forget to join us for the 31 Days to Clean Challenge (it starts Monday). Visit Joyful Mothering for more info.

Share your links-o-the-week in the comments section!

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4 Responses to Sunday Smorgasbord

  1. Jessica says:

    I’m glad my crisis of marshmallow faith as been such an inspiration to others. 🙂

  2. Amy says:

    Oh, yes, and wait until you see Tuesday’s reveal! I HAVE A BED IN MY ROOM! YAY!

  3. Thanks for the mention!! So happy you are liking the blog!

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