BIG GOD {little me}

There are three things that make me feel closer to God every time I see them:

Photo Credit: Christian Revival Network



Photo Credit: ((brian))

The Ocean,


Photo Credit: livepine

and Star-filled Skies.


All of these things fill me with the awe of what God has created. They also make me remember how small I am compared the vastness of God’s creation and compared to God himself. Ultimately, I am just {little me} who is loved by a BIG GOD. 


What gives you spiritual perspective?

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4 Responses to BIG GOD {little me}

  1. Carrie says:

    Watching a child being born, and watching open heart surgery. God’s creation is so detailed and complex….and amazing.

  2. Amy says:

    Clouds. We get overcast here, but not a lot of clouds. The clouds going to Eastern Oregon are BEAUTIFUL! Every time I see them, I am so in awe of God’s creation!

    Waterfalls, oceans, sunsets.

    My daughter had open heart surgery and I wanted to watch it. They said no. LOL.

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