Behind the Music {Lyrics}


Sheet Music by Jamuraa .  Shared under a Creative Commons License.

Remember when I ranted about Jason Gray’s song, “More Like Falling in Love?” Well, he was nice enough to stop by and explain his thoughts that inspired the lyrics. Evidentally, I’m not the only one who has given him grief about the song; he says “I’ve been surprised to receive more more push back on this song than any other I’ve written.”

So, in all fairness, check out his reply to my post “Dear Jason Gray: It’s NOT Like Falling in Love“in the comments…or you could just read his latest post on the subject HERE. There’s also an entire series of posts he wrote about it HERE.

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5 Responses to Behind the Music {Lyrics}

  1. I like that he took the time to comment and help people understand. Sometime what we write doesn’t come across the way we think it will – the way we feel it. I’ve had people take things I’ve written in totally different ways that what I intended. Happens, I guess.

  2. Jessica says:

    Ooooooooh, gonna go check it out. 🙂

  3. Cathy says:

    I’m guessing his response didn’t change your mind. I haven’t read it yet, but I guess I have a different perspective than a lot of people.

    Here’s a question for you… Would you have ever made the allegiance at the alter if you had never fallen in love to begin with? I wouldn’t have. When I went through the horrible things that made me want to throw heavy objects at my husband there was a part of my heart that remembered that I DO love him, even if I don’t FEEL like I love him right that minute. Then there was the allegiance. It was what kept me from walking out the door, true, but without love, I would have never pledged my allegiance in the first place.

    In your original post you said, “If a person’s faith IS their religion and not based in a relationship with a living Savior, then I have no argument there.” That’s kind of the point of the song, if you ask me (I know, you didn’t). To me, the idea of “falling in love” is absolutely appropriate to our relationship with Jesus.

    Here’s another question for you… If you heard a sermon about how God passionately, relentlessly pursues you and seeks a relationship with you, would you be offended by that premise? For me, it was a series of sermons with that premise and the lyrics of this song (which I heard on the way home from church after one of those sermons) that made me take a long hard look at my relationship with Christ and know that something had to change. I realized that I was approaching Christianity as an allegiance, some sort of civic duty, instead of a relationship. I was checking of boxes. Go to church, check. Pay my tithe, check. Read my Bible, check. I began to question what my life would look like if I let myself really “fall in love” with Jesus.

    Maybe I’m in the minority here, but these lyrics came at a time when I needed to hear them, and I firmly believe God used them in my life to draw me to a deeper walk with Him.

    • Megan says:

      I appreciate your point-of-view and I think you make some very valid points with which I have no counter-argument. I especially agree with you that there is a fine line between duty vs. desire. However, thinking of the average person who’s tuning into Christian radio and I still think they can get the wrong idea. I guess I’m especially concerned about new Christians and youth who haven’t yet experienced a “low” or a “lull” in their relationship with God.

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