Our Growing Family

First things first: I am NOT pregnant!!

Now that we’ve cleared that up… 🙂

I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of our ever-growing family. Meet: Reson, our Compassion child from Kenya!

I’m not sure if it’s pronounced REE-son or RAY-son. It’s common for children in Africa to use English words as their names–Precious, Faith, etc.–so there’s a good chance that it may be REE-son, but The Eldest likes RAY-son better, so that’s how we pronounce it. Sounds reasonable, right?  😉

Reson is ten years old. She lives with both her parents and she has two siblings. She helps in the kitchen and she loves playing hide-and-seek!

Reson is our correspondent child, which means that she receives financial sponsorship from someone else, but we do all the letter-writing and relationship building. (If you are interested in becoming a correspondent sponsor, call Compassion at  800-336-7676 and let them know that you’d like to sign up to write to a sponsored child.)

Think letter writing is not as important as it seems? Think again! Read “Letter Writing: Love Has No Borders” from the Compassion blog.

As always, as soon as I am assigned a new correspondent child, I send an introductory e-mail just to establish contact. Today, I will be sending out a family photo collage and sharing a bit more about our family.

In other news, we recently received another letter from our little José in Peru. Remember his love of Spiderman?

It lives on.

I guess that settles it: I’ve got to find some Spiderman stickers and/or coloring book pages to send to the little guy!

His letter made my heart get all mushy. He spoke about how happy he was to return to the Compassion Student Center after Christmas break because they were treated to a special lunch. Then he asked, “…please pray that [my] mom gives her life to Jesus.” *tear*

AND…now that I have three extra kiddos, I finally found a way to use the really cute wooden frames I’ve had lying around the house for a couple of years…

The Compassion kids photos are paired with my own kiddos by age–Happyness is closest to The Eldest’s age, Reson is closest to The Youngest and José…well, he’s closest to our dog’s age. I guess I can frame a picture of our furry child to pair with him! 🙂

Really, I can’t say enough good things about being a Compassion sponsor. You may not be able to adopt a child or be a foster parent. You may not even be able to help a needy child in your own community, but almost anyone can be a Compassion sponsor. As I always say, the blessing will be all yours!

If you want to learn more about child sponsorship, visit compassion.com. For great ideas on letter writing or mailing goodies, visit my Michelle’s blog!

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6 Responses to Our Growing Family

  1. Amy says:


  2. Jill Foley says:

    congrats on adding another child! Just wanted to let you know I have started a new blog – my hope is that it will be a resource for families pursuing sponsorship. I am posting 2 or 3 times a week with ideas on how to include the whole family in the sponsorship experience.

  3. Carrie Hernandez says:

    I am excited to announce that we have a new member in our family, too. His name is Darwin. He is from Honduras. He just turned 5 years old. He speaks Spanish, so I am eager to try my new Spanish skills out in my letter writing. Our family has been contemplating doing this for several years now. We put it off because of finances. However, God has laid it on our hearts to cut back on wants and splurges, in order to help this sweet child of God. My heart is bursting with joy.

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