MONDAY Smorgasboard

(It’s like Sunday Smorgasbord…for procrastinators)

I knew what I was going to write for yesterday’s Sunday Smorgasbord, but then a headache hit me like a Mac truck last night, so it never made it out of my head and onto the computer. Thus, today’s Monday Smorgasbord…

Since last week was {Love on a Missionary Week} and Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d one-up Oprah and share a few of my favorite things. Let’s call it {Stuff I Love}. Yes, I think that sounds thoroughly creative.  😉

{Stuff I Love}

Do you struggle to get enough veggies in your diet? Adam and Eve’s Fruitables juice boxes have been a life-saver in our house. They have a serving of fruits/veggies in each box, no added sugar and (surprise!) they taste great! Our favorite is Berry Berry. They are sometimes hard to find, but I can usually find them at a Wal-Mart Supercenter. There’s a place to sign up for coupons on Adam and Eve’s website.

You know I love to read, right? After I finished grad school, I saved my money to purchase myself a Nook e-reader from Barnes and Noble as a graduation gift. Reluctant to give up the feel of a book in my hands, I wasn’t sure that I would use it all that much, but I love it. It is especially good for traveling (I had one Nook as opposed to the pile of six books I usually take on vacation each year), you can read it outdoors without glare on the screen (it reads like newspaper print) and–the best part–you can checkout library books on it! Unlike Kindles, you can read any kind of EPUaB document or e-book on it. That sealed the deal for me, because….

Earlsfield Public Library by Wolfiewolf.  Shared under a Creative Commons License.

I love libraries. Seriously…if you aren’t taking advantage of your local library you are missing out! Most libraries have special programs for kids (especially during the summer months), classes on everything from computer training to knitting, and more! Even if your library doesn’t carry the book you want, they can work within their network of libraries to borrow it from another branch for free (or for a small fee to cover shipping). It’s called “interlibrary loan;” try it! Your library may also have audiobooks or e-books which are available for download that you can check out from the comfort of your home. Libraries also give you access to online databases. I’ve used online databases to find information for research papers, learn a foreign language, and even to figure out which dishwasher is the best buy for the money through my library’s online databases. I just log-in at home using my library card. Libraries offer all of these things stuff PLUS the wonderment that is rows and rows of books, magazines, DVDs, etc. It’s great! And the best part…it’s FREE!!!

By the way, you can take advantage of libraries outside of your hometown. I have a library card through a larger city that is 50 miles away and a smaller one only 20 miles away in addition to my hometown library. It didn’t cost anything to get a card at either of the outside locations (though some libraries will charge a small fee–like $5) and it has greatly enlarged my access to different types of material. I’ve even heard that the New York Public Library was going to start offering non-resident library cards for a fee which would give you access to a fantastic selection of materials. I’m waiting on a response from the library’s help desk to find out whether it’s truth or rumor. I’ll keep you posted.

So far, I’m loving my trial membership with Plan to Eat. It made grocery shopping SO much easier last week! You can enter recipes, drag and drop to the calendar then it automatically creates a shopping list for you! If you already have certain items in stock, you can delete it from the list, then print or email it to yourself. The only draw-back I’ve found so far: there are no robots who will plan my meals for me. Drat. Evidentially, it only works if you set aside time to actually PLAN meals.

Oh…one more thing: if you already have a Nook, there are some great books on special. I highly recommend “90 Minutes in Heaven” (it’s only $2.99!) and “Same Kind of Different as Me” ($4.74). You know…’cause I love books AND bargains! 😉



P.S. A big THANK YOU to all who participated in {Love on a Missionary} week. From Lisa: “I just want to say thank you Megan for doing a party for me! Thank you to all of you who have been “loving” on my family and me by supporting our family through our business.” 


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3 Responses to MONDAY Smorgasboard

  1. Amy says:

    I don’t know how I missed Love on a Missionary week.

    Talk to you soon!

  2. twiceknit says:

    We just decided to start planning our meals better, and Plan to Eat looks like exactly what we were looking for. Thanks for the link!

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