Sunday Smorgasbord

It’s been a busy week at mi casa, so the ol’ blog has been a bit quiet, but you don’t want to miss next week! We’re going to have the opportunity to love on a missionary and (drumroll please)…there will be a super-duper GIVEAWAY!!! Check back every day for details!

Now for the Sunday Smorgasbord of links….

Need a last-minute Valentine treat for your kiddos or their friends? Got lots of broken crayons lying around? Try making these heart-shaped rainbow crayons instead of candy. Your dentist will thank you. 😉 

Are you a shutterbug? Check out all of these adorable do-it-yourself camera straps from Tip Nut.

This meatless lasagne recipe sounds yummmmm. I think I’ll make it for myself in smaller portions and freeze for lunch since my carnivores would probably scrunch their noses up at it.

Need some free fonts for your computer? Grab a few over at the Kevin and Amanda blog.

Don’t forget to come back soon and sign up for my super-duper giveaway!!!

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One Response to Sunday Smorgasbord

  1. Teena says:

    Hi. I haven’t been on much this past week…. love coming here for your blog.

    Excited to hear about the missionaries coming!

    Also I love your table…. and the flowers! Not sure what my favorite piece of furniture is….. we tend to skip meals at the table and eat in the living room. (blush) yes… a very bad habit!


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