Sunday Smorgasbord

Surely you’ve heard about all the chaos in Egypt. I’ve been keeping an eye on the situation for a variety of reasons. I still can’t believe they managed to shut down the internet! Can you imagine? Could that ever happen here? It gives me hives just thinking about it…LOL!

I discovered a couple of new blogs this week. I recently added oh Amanda to my Google reader. I was particularly moved by an old post where she shares ten links regarding child sponsorship (She is a World Vision sponsor, but shares many Compassion links as well). If nothing else, go to #8…it’s a video from a visit to a Compassion project byBrad Ruggles. It’s simultaneously heartbreaking AND heartwarming. (And you might recognize a certain mohawked singer in the video as well.)

Another new addition to my blogroll is Clean Mama. I find her cleaning routine a little less overwhelming than Flylady (though I will always have a special place in my heart for Flylady who taught me that I can do anything in 15 minutes). 😉

If your kid is into “the cell phone years” (thankfully I am not yet), Mobile Watchdog looks like a good monitoring system to consider. It’s not spyware because kids know you are monitoring. Any unapproved numbers that come through automatically get red flagged. Is it keeping kids safe or is it over-parenting? That’s for you to decide. All I’m saying is that if a anyone wanted to call me “back in the day,” they had to call my house and risk having to talk to my parents first. Now, parents don’t even have to know who’s calling. It’s a crazy technological world we’re navigating these days!

Speaking of parenting…did you read Shaun Grove’s post “Even Perfect Parents.” Oh, you must. You really must.

If you like to read and you have a blog, why not sign up to write book reviews? BookSneeze will send you free books in exchange for your honest opinion. If only my “to read” pile were a little smaller…. 😦

P.S. I’m still looking for a good Sunday Smorgasbord header. If you know any great graphics/illustrator folks, let me know!

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2 Responses to Sunday Smorgasbord

  1. Booksneeze sounds great! I just might sign up! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. mavisdavis says:

    I could maybe do a header for you if you’d like. Check out my blog… and I do all the graphics myself.

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