Warning: Do Not Watch This Movie

Image Copyright Letters to God Movie, a Vivendi Entertainment Production

If you think all prayers should get answered in happy ways, don’t watch this movie.

If you think kids are too young to “get” God, don’t bother watching this movie.

If you think all dogs go to heaven…oh wait…wrong movie. Nevermind.

If you think that God doesn’t use kids to accomplish His work, you shouldn’t watch this movie.

If you think prayer is a waste of time or you don’t believe that God is in the business of changing lives …well, you might actually want to watch this movie.

Lastly, if you are out of Kleenex or have an aversion to having an ugly cry in public, don’t watch this movie.

Consider yourself warned.


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7 Responses to Warning: Do Not Watch This Movie

  1. Jessica says:

    This has been in my netflix instant queue for awhile. At least, I think it’s this movie. Maybe I should declare movie night tonight.

  2. Amy says:

    We’ve seen it. My 5 year old. The one without a sympathy bone in her body cried. The foster mom of the little girl that I am a CASA for hated the movie. I really liked it. I probably teared up but didn’t cry.

    • Megan says:

      Well of COURSE you didn’t cry! I didn’t either…except maybe that one tear that snuck out. 😉

      I didn’t know you were a CASA volunteer. You need to blog about that experience. I would think that’d be a tough job. I thought about it once, but didn’t think I was strong enough to stand up to parents & say what needs to be said.

  3. melody says:

    Someone said we should watch this for a ladies night out but I was hesitant since I’d heard it was a total tear jerker. Last time we did a chick’s night out at the movies I swore I’d never plan a tear jerker movie again. We had two whole rows of women crying like little girls and then laughing at each other and passing the kleenex down the row. It was ridiculous.

    • Megan says:

      Well, it was like a “happy sad movie.” Him dying wasn’t really the tearjerker–it was the reminder that everyone can impact others for Christ, even the littlest and sickest people of the world. But I can imagine the weeping and wailing of a ladies’ night out crowd. Mercy! Stick with comedies for those. 😉

  4. Jill Foley says:

    I bawled like a baby – I was glad I watched it alone. Oh wait – my mom was here and we both bawled like babies.

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