Sunday Smorgasbord

I’m fresh off of a Sunday afternoon nap, so there’s plenty of time to share some of my favorite links from the week on the Sunday Smorgasbord!

First things first: What’s cooking? I really try not to eat out on Sundays. I feel like we, as Christians, are the ones keeping businesses running on Sunday and, consequently, keeping the workers from being able to attend a worship service. So…I try to plan ahead with something crock-pottery or quick fixin’ (because we are starved by the time we get home). This week I cooked White ChiliI cooked everything the night before then slopped it in a crock pot this morning to warm until we got home. I was a little reluctant to try it (as no one in my house liked the last White Chili recipe I used), but this one was more flavorful.

It didn’t get as many thumbs-up as last week’s crockpot chicken enchilada experiment, but it’s food, and much more tasty than the quail and manna that the Israelites have been whining about in my Bible readings all week. So hush. 🙂

Oh–and I guess you’ve heard all about formerly homeless Ted Williams now being in rehab after confessing how he’d been sober for 2 1/2 years and how he got in a fight with his daughter and had the LAPD called on him, etc. You know…all this after I wrote a long post about how we sometimes can’t see the needs right in front of our eyes because of our preconceived ideas about povertyThanks a lot, Ted, for making me revert to my cynical ways and for making me feel like I should have known better. Thanks. a. lot. I guess I just wanted the feel-good story of the year to actually be the feel-good story of the year. *sigh*

But here’s some good news…Shaun Groves is making a new album! (Side note: what do we call them these days? Albums? Records?) If he’s got a lot of stuff like THIS SONG on the record, it’s going to be good. (“Just As I Am” is one of my all-time favorite hymns; I love the way he’s added to it.) You can pre-order a C.D. for just 5 buckaroos HERE.  

Like free stuff? If you have a Nook (I heart my Nook!) then check out the free e-books that Kaplan is providing for a limited time. It’s not just SAT study guides–I got a book called Math for Moms and Dads (math is not my strong suit), Teachable Moments: Seizing the Instants When Children Learn, Sharp Grammar and more.

There are books on everything from sleep disorders to books for nurses, teachersstudents….pretty much everyone. In case you missed the most important part: They are FREE!!!! FREE E-BOOKS!!!!

Home With a Purpose recently had a really great post remembering the anniversary of the death of five missionaries (Jim Elliot et al.) who were killed by the Auca Indians that they were trying to reach in Ecuador. Go read that post then watch this video….


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