Sunday Smorgasbord

Who’s ready for the weekly smorgasbord of links?

We tried this super easy crockpot chicken enchilada meal today. it was GREAT. My entire family gave it thumbs-up! (That’s rare, especially when I try out new recipes.) 

Along the same lines as my Compassionate Consumerism post, this post has a great idea for stocking up on post-Christmas sale items and making “Blessing Baskets.”

Now on to some deeper thoughts… Actor Ricky Gervis shared an article titled “Why I’m an Atheist,” in the Wall Street Journal before Christmas.  If nothing else, it’s a sad read, especially when you get to the paragraph when he talks about how Jesus was his hero. Sad, sad, so sad… This article was brought to my attention through the blog Ragamuffin Soul. Visit the original post and read the comments section–there’s LOTS of good discussion/conversation going on, especially about what to say to people of this mindset and how to juggle the science/faith question.

Shortly after my “What Does Poverty Look Like” post, I read “A Heart for the Poor” over at Sit a Spell. She shares the words of Milton Vincent from A Gospel Primer for Christiansand it has some especially wise things to say about helping the poor.

And finally…want to be all fancy-schmancy and create your own charitable foundation? You can do that at

(By the way, I really need a graphic for Sunday Smorgasbord. If you’ve got any ideas, drop me a comment!)

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