Word O’ The Year

So, I’ve noticed that ev-er-y-body in blog land is getting on board the “word of the year” train. That’s alright…I’ve been giving this one some thought, and I’ve chosen a word.

My word for 2011 is going to be: INTENTIONAL.

It’s a word that’s been floating around my head for months. I want to try to be more intentional about the things I do (or don’t do). I want to be intentional in my relationships. I want to be intentional in my spiritual growth.

The bottom line is that if we are not intentional, then many times, we end up letting important things go to the wayside.

What’s your word for 2011?

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7 Responses to Word O’ The Year

  1. Oh, I like your word. It was my parenting word for the Fall — not that I really called it that. 🙂 I may have to steal your word and use it for myself.

  2. Jill Foley says:

    mine is “quiet” – (quietness, stillness). I need to create space in my life to focus and listen (mostly to God, but also to others). I need to say less and listen more. I’ve already taken some steps toward this and seen great benefits. I’m blogging less (I still have a family blog, but it’s mostly pics of my girls for their grandparents to see).

    I’m also seeking quietness by removing distractions – I want to read less of man’s words and more of God’s words. I want quiet spaces in my house (less stuff!).

    • Jessica says:

      Oh Jill. I don’t think I can manage that word for many more years, or until I have a much bigger house. Lol.

      • Jill Foley says:

        Well I only have 2 children and they are both girls so right there I’ve got a head start on “quietness”. : ) In the morning I get up and they have their own “quiet time” in their room. We do this again in the afternoon for an hour.

        Actually I’m looking at it more in terms of keeping my mouth shut and letting God speak. (Ecclesiastes 5:2) Spending more time in prayer and in God’s Word.

    • Megan says:

      Jill–I’m a girl that needs a lot of quiet myself, so I totally dig your word. If my house is complete chaos and noise 24/7, I find myself going into crazy mode. And that’s definitely not helpful, especially when you’re trying to listen to God. I guess I’m easily distracted…

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