Sunday Smorgasbord

Christmas-related Links:

The real story behind Santa

Five things you didn’t know about the Magi

Really interesting (borderline geekish) research about the star of Bethlehem (I’ve watched the DVD–it’s really good, especially if you like science)

An interesting article about holiday gift-giving (from a Christian perspective) 

Yummy Food Links:

Recipe for stained glass cookie (Is there anything better than adorable edibles?)

Pie in a Jar! I’m SO gonna try this. I think it would be great to bring along when we do outreach and visitation at church.

Since it’s cold outside…one of my favorite soups

Yes, roasted radishes are actually good (these tastes like fried potatoes)

All-natural thin mint cookies…yes, please! (For the record, I’ll eat these ANY time of the year)

Is it obvious that I have food on the brain?

The Most Hilarious Thing I Read All Week

It just happens to be a recipe…kinda. Scroll down to the comments and prepare to LOL!

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