Mama Musings: Great Gifts from Shutterfly

For the past 6 years, I have been using Shutterfly to create personalized gifts for my family. When Michelle and others spread the word that Shutterfly was giving 50 free Christmas cards for bloggers, I had to sign up!

For five years I had my own professional photography business (I just recently “retired”), so needless to say, I have always been pretty picky about photo and print quality. I can honestly say that Shutterfly has never let me down. I’m especially fond of their photo books, but they have fantastic designs for photo cards as well.

I especially like this one

…because I always like to send a card with multiple photos from throughout the year.

Sometimes it’s hard to find a card that focuses on faith…

…but this one should be sufficient!

Maybe you don’t do Christmas cards. Grandparents always love a good calendar.

I’ve made these desk calendars for the working grandpa’s in our life before. I made my siblings fork over pictures of their kids so we could have all of the grandchildren on it. It was a big hit with the grandpas. 

Another great gift idea is thank you cards. Of course, they don’t have to be used just for thank you’s…

These adorable peony note cards would be great for anyone. How cool would it be to send a few to your Compassion kid? I’m betting they would looooove it, especially teenagers. To have something so nice and personalized would thrill them, I’m sure.

Right now, I’m uploading photos for our annual family vacation photo book. It’s become a family tradition to make matching books for my family and our friends (who always vacation with us) as a Christmas gift. We have a matching set!

(as you can tell from this outstanding cell phone photo)


So, the moral of the story is….Shutterfly has some good stuff if you are so inclined to make photo-based and/or personalized Christmas gifts like I do. Here’s to hoping I can find time to take a family photo so I can actually print those free Christmas cards! 😉

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