Sunday Smorgasbord

Ideas for Christmas Celebrations:

This Christmas Quiz has always been a hit at our youth group Christmas parties. Some of the questions are tricky, but it makes you think about what is really in the Bible and what is tradition.

Over at Christmas Change, you can find a really fun group game that is designed as a scavenger hunt and a way to get to know your family members a little better.

Earlier this week (in the comments) we briefly mentioned the book, The Christmas Jar . The basic idea was that a family was inspired to save change in a jar throughout the year, then they give it to someone anonymously during the Christmas season. This book has inspired many to start their own Christmas jars. You can read some of those true stories of giving HERE.

Easy Christmas Gift Ideas:

How about an adorable no-sew scarf made out of jersey knit fabric (t-shirt material)?

Consumable gifts are always better than junk, in my humble opinion. You could make some freezer gifts for that busy neighbor or friend. If you are really handy with a needle and thread (I am not), you could also make a handy pot luck cozy out of an old wool sweater.

To Tickle Your Funny Bone:

I’ve loved BooMama for some time, but this post–Today and I Have Had Quite Enough of Each Other–will make you laugh so hard that your ribs will be sore tomorrow. Well, maybe only female readers could possibly understand thoughts like, “Because the chocolate, IT UNDERSTANDS ME.” 😀

Cutesy Stuff:

How cute are these canvases?

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One Response to Sunday Smorgasbord

  1. Amy says:

    A lot of great links! Thank you!

    Even though I mention the Christmas Jar A LOT, I had never actually read it until yesterday. Can you believe it? Great story. Even better concept. It changed my thinking!

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