My Cup Runneth Over

“….my cup runneth over.” -Psalm 23:5

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I know, I know…it’s not cool to use little snips and tid-bits of the Bible out of context, but it’s all good here. In this case David is thanking God for His provision, His hospitality, His leadership and His care. He is showing appreciation for the many blessings in his life.

Today is the final day of November, a month traditionally set aside for thankfulness. Even though most people have moved on to Christmas mode, I want to take time today to share 30 things I am thankful for this month. I am SO grateful for the many moments and people who make my heart full and running over.

30 Days of Thankfulness

  1. For friends–new and old, near and far–who encourage me, love me, and even listen to my complaints.
  2. For getting to enjoy our first Book Club meeting and getting to know some local ladies a little better.
  3. For a good-lookin’ forty-year-old husband who tolerates my indecisiveness and my need to touch toes when we go to sleep.
  4. For Thursday nights–our most calm day of the week–spent recharging our batteries and sharing family time.
  5. For God’s Word that I often neglect but that never neglects me. 
  6. For being able to substitute teach at the middle school my daughter attends. I’ve gotten to know many more kids and better understand how the school works.
  7. For kids who say the darndest things and make me smile. (When I was subbing, one kid randomly asked me, “How do you get your teeth so white?”)  🙂
  8. For the changes in my daughter’s hearts since we became Compassion sponsors. (They think beyond themselves more, now.)
  9. For the day my husband offered to bring home my pizza from our favorite restaurant for dinner.
  10. For working out all the difficult changes that have occurred in my grandmother’s life this month (a fall, moving from her home where she’s lived independently for 30+ years to an assisted living facility, etc.)
  11. For the fun we had shopping for and packing shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child!
  12. For that one day that started off right: kids got ready for school–no nagging required, I got up early and got all of my chores done, exercised. I keep waiting for a repeat! 😉
  13. For technology. Even though it is a love/hate relationship, it helps keep me connected to the many people in my life who live far away.
  14. For colorful fall leaves.
  15. For a church family who cares for us and sent home like 65 pounds of leftover cake from The Hubby’s surprise birthday celebration during our Thanksgiving meal!
  16. For being sick-as-a-dog…because it makes you appreciate how wonderful it is to be healthy.  
  17. For little brown dachshunds. It seems really dumb to love a dog, but we do. He makes us smile.
  18. For familiar places that make me feel grounded despite my semi-nomadic life. 
  19. For The Eldest who cooked one mean meal of Hamburger Helper and gave Mama the night off!
  20. For having two girls who love to read and to whom I can share my love of stories with.
  21. For the special friend who brought lunch for my family when I was sick. May I always be as attentive to the needs of others!
  22. For my parents who have generous spirits. 
  23. For family members  that have seen me at my best and my worst and love me anyway. Plus, they always make me laugh.
  24. For Ma-Maw’s fried apple pies–my favorite dessert. She couldn’t make them this year. I tried to make some, but failed miserably. I miss them already.
  25. For washing machines. Seriously–can you imagine life without them?
  26. For daughters who still like to snuggle with Mom.
  27. For prayers–answered and unanswered.
  28. For having the opportunity to work at an Operation Christmas Child collection center. Seeing generosity in action warms the heart.
  29. For all the “friends” I’ve met in blog world and in cyberspace. I’ve been challenged, encouraged and entertained by many strangers who share their words online.
  30. For Jesus whose grace is sufficient for even me.

Go ahead…share one thing you’re thankful for today!

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One Response to My Cup Runneth Over

  1. Amy says:

    What a great idea to end November with. 🙂

    I am thankful and humbled by my friend’s and family’s willingness to jump in and help me sponsor one more child. They only asked “Where do I send the money?” Because of them, a 19 year old in Rwanda will be sponsored for her final 2 years in the program.

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