A Thanksgiving to Remember

Aaannnnnndddd…..I’m back.

I really meant to be back sooner, but this was a Thanksgiving for the record books; one we will not soon forget. This will forever be a symbol of Thanksgiving 2010, the one that will always be fondly remembered as…

…the year of the puke bucket.

To date, 13 people in my family have contracted the stomach virus since Monday. Two out of four in my own household (including me!) got to enjoy this wonderful little Thanksgiving treat. It was inevitible….we were always taught to share when we were kids!.

The puke bucket was purchased somewhere in central Oklahoma by my sister whose little girls were battling the illness. She passed it on to me in Arkansas because The Eldest had contracted the disease and we had to travel to southwest Oklahoma to visit The Husband’s family. It turned out to be a good thing, because the next day I was the one who needed the puke bucket by my side. Let me tell you, it was one looooong drive from Oklahoma back home to the western plains of Texas. Ugh.

The puke bucket is still in its original pristine condition. Fortunately, it was never used. Could it be a family tradition in the making? I’m thinking it would look real festive with some holly or curly ribbon tied on the handles for the Christmas season. 🙂

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3 Responses to A Thanksgiving to Remember

  1. JD says:

    Three out of five of us got it a few weeks ago… it wasn’t pretty! The only excitement was that no one missed and puked on the floor — impressive!

    I managed to escape it, but instead ended up with an abscessed tooth, two root canals, which turned into failed root canals and an infection that now has me on the strongest meds I’ve ever been on… until I see the dentist again tomorrow. Next time, I think I’ll opt for the flu!

  2. Amy says:

    Figures, huh?

    We were reliving Thanksgivings past this weekend and talked about the Thanksgiving that my husband and I were so horribly ill that we had to fawn our children out to relatives. LOL.

    Glad the bucket didn’t get used though. 🙂

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