Thanksgiving is for Turkeys…but I Just Call Them “Family”


Turkeys...not the kind this post is about

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Thanksgiving!

I get seriously aggravated that Thanksgiving gets totally dissed every year. I mean, something’s wrong when we go straight from Halloween candy to Christmas trees in the store. Boo!

In addition to the fact that the holiday is all about giving thanks go God for our many blessings, there’s one other reason that I really, really love Thanksgiving: getting together with my crazy family.

I grew up in a small town in southwest Arkansas. So did my parents. So did their parents. Almost all of my family lived in or near that town. I grew up helping in my grandmother’s garden, climbing trees and making “booby traps” with cousins, learning how to do needlepoint with my aunts and much more. Good times, good times…

Then, when I was 15, we moved to Oklahoma and, in the meantime, all of my cousins grew up and our families became scattered across the midwest. So, Thanksgiving has now become a family reunion of sorts since it is pretty much the only time that we can all get together each year.

Now, when I say that my family is crazy, I say it in the most endearing way. You just never know what’s going to happen when we all get together.

If you’re a poor college student, someone might have pity on you and put a donation bucket out on the porch for your “laundry fund.”

But if you’re a swinging single, they might just make you an instant wedding kit…

…complete with a gaudy veil, a bouquet, a sign (so you’ll be clearly visible as you solicit potential grooms at the local Wal-Mart), and a fill-in-the-blank marriage certificate. (I have blocked out the face of my middle sister to protect myself as I am clearly putting my life in danger by posting this on my blog.)

By the way, she is now a happily married woman…no instant wedding kit was required! 🙂

There are usually gag gifts in some shape or form….

There’s the obvious: a hair piece or a moustache for the hair-impaired. The Anti-Monkey Butt powder, however, was a surprise. I’m still not sure what “monkey butt” actually is, but we are prepared for it!

If you are a Conservative, chances are that your Democratic sister will get you a John Kerry hat or Hillary Clinton’s latest book…a “signed” copy, no less. 😉

Or maybe you’ll  get a bedpan full of popcorn. Mmmm….delicious!

People are very thoughtful when considering gifts. The things they select are very personal. What better gift for the chronic allergy sufferer than monogrammed “snot towels?” Classy. 

There’s plenty of laughter when we all get together.

I can’t even guess what’s going on here. General mayhem and/or merriment, I suppose.

The kids have their fair share of shenanigans, too.  My grandmother is a pack-rat which makes for fun dress-up sessions. Hats for everyone!

We sometimes have impromptu photo sessions…

…and a occassional hoe-down.

I think it’s clear why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. 🙂

We always have a lot of fun, but this family also shares a strong foundation of faith and it binds us together in ways that I can’t really verbalize. Each one of them have taught me important life lessons, but they have also contributed to my spiritual growth far more than they probably know.

Yes, I am thankful for this crazy, mixed up bunch. It almost brings a tear to my eye. Pass the snot towels, please….

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2 Responses to Thanksgiving is for Turkeys…but I Just Call Them “Family”

  1. Amy says:

    I am going to need your address ASAP, because I think I would like to spend Thanksgiving with you and your family!

    Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and it DOES get a bum rap!

    Enjoyed your post. I wish I remember where I came to it from. I have seen you on BloggingfromtheBoonies though. 🙂

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